Delegating Is in Your Job Description

Delegating Is in Your Job Description

Let Advanced Employment do the interviewing for you

Sourcing quality staff requires time that you don’t have. While you run your business, Advanced Employment will stay busy interviewing outstanding local prospects. If you need temps or full-time employees, you can select our skilled headhunters to gather a pool of potential. Contact us at 406-652-8808 with questions or concerns. You’ll love our competitive rates and unrivaled determination.

The Advanced team makes hiring hassle-free

We could track down your perfect employee and leave you to figure out the rest. However, Advanced Employment takes it one step further. When you choose us to manage your recruitment, we pledge to:

  • Process all W2s
  • Arrange new-hire benefits
  • Handle new-hire payroll
  • Complete drug screens
  • Run background checks

Your new staff members will even be covered by workers’ compensation. Don’t waste valuable time interviewing the wrong people. Advanced Employment exists to seek out the best for your business. Call 406-652-8808 to learn more about our Billings recruiting service.